Grosse Pointe hit with record high snow

3 foot record high snow has Grosse Pointers trapped inside

On the 3rd of march, 2019, Grosse Pointers woke up to find 3 foot high snow outside, preventing them from getting to work or school. The previous record for most amount of snow in one day was 30 inches, on the 19th of December, 1996, which has been beaten by the new record setting 3 foot, 6 inch snowfall last night. The snow is suspected to keep falling until at least the 5th of march, leaving many Grosse Pointers wondering how they will be able to get outside to get food. Chief of police john smith says Try to remain indoors, the high amounts of snow will make it difficult for road services to get out there and help, and it will take longer for emergency services to assist you. Call our non emergency line if you need assistance getting outside, or have any other problems.

The city has declared a state of emergency due to the high amounts of snow, and most businesses and school have canceled until the 6th. power shortages are to be expected, and will take an increased amount of time to repair. If your power goes out, or you run out of food, go to the nearest school, where relief services are being set up. the temperatures this week are supposed to stay around a high of 5 degrees, so if your heating system doesn't work, head to your nearest school immediately. Stay inside, and try to stay warm Grosse Pointers.

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